Interdepartmental Instrumentation Facility

Tel: 02-6585125

This core facility enables researchers and students from HUJI and additional institutes to use sophisticated life sciences research instrumentation, otherwise not available in their research labs or departments. We train people to use the instruments on their own, supporting and consulting them throughout the process.

This core facility is also a source of information and support regarding the development of novel scientific methods and approaches.

Interdepartmental Instrumentation Facility


E-mail Phone Fax Office
Dr. Rachel Rosen Dr. Rachel Rosen
Head of Core Facility
02-65-85125 Silberman -2XX
Broyer William Dr. William Broyer
Core Facility Staff
02-65- Silberman -2XX
Ms. Lily Mana Ms. Lily Mana
Core Facility Staff
02-65-85125 Silberman 2-228
Prof. Aroeti Prof. Benjamin Aroeti
Academic Director
02-65-85915 02-6584547 Silberman 3-519

1. New users

New users should register with the facility's director Dr. Rachel Rosen.

This registration process includes:

  • Authorization of physical access to the facility using a fingerprint.
  • Authorization to use the computerized reservation system to book devices in advance.
  • Instructions for using the reservation system.

The preliminary stage of registration is obligatory.

2. Reserving devices

  • Reserving each of the devices in the facility should be made in advance, using the on-line reservation system.
  • Users must fill in all fields and describe in detail the contents of the samples (e.g. samples containing risk factors such as pathogenic or radioactive substances).
  • Cancellations must be registered as soon as possible using the on-line reservation system, in order to allow other users to use the device. A user who fails to cancel a reservation will be charged as if the device was used.

3. Work in the facility:

  • A user who is about to use a device for the first time should first receive instruction by Dr. Rachel Rosen.
  • In no way should the device be operated for the first time without guidance. Improper use may result in a safety problem and / or damage to the device.
  • Follow the safety instructions (see adjacent tab).
  • In the event of a malfunction while operating the device, immediately contact the facility's staff.
  • Each user must bring the equipment necessary for his work: plates, test tubes, optical cells, pipettes, tips, etc.
  • After finishing the job, clean the device components and the entire work area. Do not leave waste or samples on or around the device.
  • If any materials have spilled, they should be cleaned immediately, treated according to the safety rules, and reported to the facility's staff.

  • Work in the facility is allowed only in full protective clothing, including a lab coat, goggles and gloves.
  • Do not enter the facility wearing used gloves: bring new gloves and put them on after entering the unit.
  • Samples containing pathogens or radioactive materials should be brought in tightly sealed tubes.
    If samples spill, clean up thoroughly with appropriate materials and report to the facility manager.
  • Centrifuge tubes must be balanced before being placed in the device.
    Do not lean on the centrifuges while they run.
    You may leave the centrifuges only after they reach the desired speed.
  • Safety goggles must be used when operating the French Press.
  • Do not leave radioactive samples in or next to the scintillation counters. Samples should be discarded in the adjacent radioactive waste room.

Mass Analyses (Liquids & Gases)


LCMS (Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry)

GCMS (Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry)

Spectrophotometry & Imaging



  • Spectrophotometer (Agilent)
  • Spectrophotometer-Perkin Elmer LS-45 (Perkin Elmer)
Plate Reders
  • Plate reader (new 1) Biotek Synergy H1 , monochromator for absorbance, fluoresence and luminescence (Lumitron)
  • Plate reader (new 2) Biotek Synergy H1  monochromator for absorbance, fluoresence and luminescence (Lumitron)
  • Plate reader (old 3) Biotek Synergy 2 monochromator for absorbance and filter-based for fluoresence and luminescence (Lumitron)
Gel Documentation
  • ECL and Gel Documentation (New) Vilber Lurmat Fusion FX6 (A2S) 
  • Films developer - Agfa-Curix 60
  • ECL and Gel Documentation – Biorad ChemiDoc MP
Radioactive Documentation
  • Typhoon Phosphorimager-GE Amersham- Racdioactive Gel and Blot Imaging


Cells & Nucleic Acids


Cell Sorting & Analysis
  • FACS Amins Cell Stream (Merck)
  • FACS BD-Facsaria III (Bactlab) - two instruments
  • Flow Cytometer Amnis ImageStream-X MkII (Merkel)
Cell Disruption
  • Large volume cell disrupter Avestin Emulsifier-C3 (Tetrasense)
  • Large Volume Cell disrupter 40 KSPI (A2S)
  • Medium volume cell disrupter EmulsifierFlex-C3 (Tetrasense)
  • Small volume cell disrupter MicroFluidics LV1-1 (Tetrasense)
  • Bio-Rad Electroporator Gene Pulser (Bio-Rad)
  • ECM 830 square wave Electroporator BTX - ECM830 (Eizenberg Bros.)
Cell Metabolism
  • Seahorse 24XFe  (Agilent)
Nucleic Acids
Nucleic Acids Quantification
  • Nano-Drop -  NanoDrop 2000 (Bargal)
DNA Labeling
  • DNA Linker UV-Crosslinker (Ultra-Lum)


Mini Ultracentrifuges

Superspeed Centrifuges
  • Sorvall RC-5C+ (1) (Levant)
  • Sorvall RC-5C+ (2) (Levant)
  • Sorvall RC-5C+ (3) (Levant)
  • Sorvall RC-5B+ (4) (Levant
  • Sorvall Thermo Lynx6000 (Levant)
  • Beckman L8-70M (2) (Rhenium)
  • Beckman L8-70 (3) (Rhenium)
  • Beckman L8-70 (4) (Rhenium)
  • Beckman L8-70 (5) (Rhenium)
  • Beckman Optima XE-90 (1) (Rhenium)

Scintillation Counters

Beta Radiation

  • Scintillation Counter Tri-carb 2900 TR (Perkin Elmer)

Gamma Radiation

  •  (Kontron)


Vaacum Based Instruments

  • Lyophilizer  Epsilon 1-4 LSCplus (Christ)
  • Lyophilizer  Advantage (Virtis)
  • Lyophilizer Heto Drywinner3 (Heto)
  • Speed Vac Savant SpeedVac Concentrator (Savant)
Water  Purifier
  • Water purifier GenPure Pro ( Barnstead - Thermo Scientific)