Institute Management

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E-mail Phone Fax Office
Prof. Oded Livnah Prof. Oded Livnah
Head of Institute
02-65-85191 Silberman 1-407
Prof. Michal Goldberg Prof. Michal Goldberg
Head of Teaching Program
02-65-86452 Silberman 1-401
Ms. Michal Dahan
Administrative manager
02-65-85339 02-6586103 Silberman 1-406
Ms. Nitza Epstein
Institute secretary
02-65-86533 02-6586103 Silberman 1-404
Ms. Lya Brik
Personal Aide of Institute's Chairperson
02-65-85191 02-6586103 Silberman 1-407
Ms. Keren Daniel
Secretary for teaching and students affairs
02-65-86541 Silberman 1-401
Ms. Sharon Berger
Teaching & students administrator
02-65-85337 02-6586103 Silberman 1-401
Ms. Sarah Gavriel
Teaching & students administrator
02-65-85445 Silberman 1-401
Mr. Itay Malka
System administrator
02-65-86227 Silberman 1-409
Dr. Nurit Doron
On-line teaching
02-65-86937 Silberman 1-400