Study Programs

B.Sc. Study Programs

We offer a wide range of curriculi to enable each and every one of you to form the most stimulating and appropriate program for you.

The scope of undergraduate studies in the Faculty of Science is 145-150 credits. The various programs differ from each other regarding the scope of studies (required credits) and the relative part of biology in the entire curriculum:

  • The single major program is limited to 145 credits in the field of life sciences only.
  • The joint dual major programs range between 145-150 credits, which are divided between the two departments.
  • The single major program + a unit of supplementary studies is limited to 145 credits, of which 32 are for courses in the supplementary-studies unit.
  • The 32-credit supplementary studies unit in General Biology is intended for students outside the Faculty of Science, who wish to study basic courses in biology. Courses from this track should be chosen in consultation with the advisors of the relevant programs.

Outstanding students can be accepted to the Etgar (Challenge) program in each of the above tracks. 


Etgar tracks are designed for outstanding students, offering them individual tutoring and unique courses throughout their studies, with the intention of preparing them for a career in scientific research.

All Etgar students are exposed throughout their studies to contemporary research conducted at the Institute of Life Sciences, and acquire advanced tools for the design, implementation and evaluation of up-to-date research in all fields of life sciences.

During the first year Etgar students receive close personal tutoring from at least four senior investigators, the "mentors", who introduce them to innovative research performed by the Institute's researchers. These mentors accompany the students during their three-year studies. One of the mentors also serves as an advisory mentor, who is responsible for coordination, consultation and administrative issues of all the Etgar students of that class.

The program is designed for outstanding students who were accepted to the department, were identified as suitable according to their admission scores, and were invited to participate in the Etgar program.

Only outstanding students remain in the program. An average score of 90 or above is mandatory for transition to the next year.

Students who were not initially accepted to the program, but completed their first year with an average grade of 90 or above, may apply for admission to the second year of the program. These requests are considered by the department.

Students must complete at least 150 credits, meeting all the requirements of the regular B.Sc. degree in Life Sciences, plus 15 extra credits of courses unique to the program (such as a one-week intensive laboratory course in the Gulf of Eilat).

The Etgar program offers several tracks (all links are in Hebrew):

  • Etgar single major program + a unit of supplementary studies (4019)
  • Etgar single major program (4020)
  • Etgar dual major program with other programs in the Faculty of Science (4021)
  • Etgar dual major program with Cognition (4026) or Chemistry (566).

The single major program is especially suitable for students who intend to continue for graduate studies in the life sciences.
We offer two tracks:

  • Life Sciences single major program (4010) (145 credits)
  • Life Sciences Etgar single major program (4020). The goal of the Etgar program is to expose outstanding students to the forefront of research in the life sciences from the very beginning of their studies.

The dual-major programs allow students to continue for graduate studies in two departments, usually without requirements for completion of additional courses.
The Institute of Life Sciences offers a number of integrated programs, in which a maximum effort is made to prevent collisions between courses of the different departments and to enable completion of the degree within three years. (All following links are in Hebrew).
1. Integrated program of chemistry and biology (566)

  • Integrated program with Etgar Biology (Track 8051)
  • Integrated program with Etgar Chemistry (Track 8052)

2. Psychobiology (Track 4024)
3. Biophysics (Track 4022)
4. Life Sciences & Cognition (Track 4025)

  • Etgar Life Sciences & Cognition (Track 4026)

5. Life Sciences & Earth Sciences (Specializing in Geology) (Track 8029)
6. Life Sciences & Environmental Sciences (Track 8032)
In addition, we offer non-integrated dual-major programs.
In these programs, the workload is higher (over 150 credits), and studies may take more than three years (due to overlap between courses given by the different departments).
7. Life Sciences combined with another program in the Faculty of Science, where there is no defined track, for example: Biology and Mathematics (Track 4011).
The goal of B.Sc. studies in this track is to provide students with an interdisciplinary acquaintance of life sciences in a broader context of the natural sciences.

  • Etgar Life Sciences & another program in the Faculty of Science (Track 4021)

8. Life Sciences combined with another program in the Faculties of Humanities or Social Sciences (Track 4013)
In this track, life sciences can be combined with any study program from the above faculties, provided it is not a single major program, and in accordance with the admission conditions of the two departments. (e.g. biology and law, biology and education, biology and music.)
Please note: if a candidate does not meet the acceptance criteria of the dual major programs Psychobiology (track 4024) or Life Sciences & Cognition (Tracks 4025, 4026), it is possible to enroll in track 4013 to study the above combinations.

The goal of the single major program + a unit of supplementary studies is to provide students with a broad and in-depth knowledge in the life sciences, and to enrich this with knowledge from additional disciplines, in order to expand the students' education, and to enable them to deal in a more varied and diverse manner with the scientific challenges that lie ahead.
See a list (in Hebrew) of possible units of supplementary studies (in Hebrew) (32 credits each).

The General Biology supplementary studies unit (in Hebrew) (32 credits) is intended for students who wish to study basic courses in biology suitable for programs outside of the Faculty of Science. Courses from this unit should be chosen in consultation with the advisors of these programs.

The Biochemistry supplementary studies unit for Chemistry Students (in Hebrew) (32 credits) is designed for students who are pursuing a bachelor's degree in chemistry and wish to expand their knowledge in the field of life sciences.