Etgar program for outstanding students

Etgar tracks are designed for outstanding students, offering them individual tutoring and unique courses throughout their studies, with the intention of preparing them for a career in scientific research.

All Etgar students are exposed throughout their studies to contemporary research conducted at the Institute of Life Sciences, and acquire advanced tools for the design, implementation and evaluation of up-to-date research in all fields of life sciences.

During the first year Etgar students receive close personal tutoring from at least four senior investigators, the "mentors", who introduce them to innovative research performed by the Institute's researchers. These mentors accompany the students during their three-year studies. One of the mentors also serves as an advisory mentor, who is responsible for coordination, consultation and administrative issues of all the Etgar students of that class.

The program is designed for outstanding students who were accepted to the department, were identified as suitable according to their admission scores, and were invited to participate in the Etgar program.

Only outstanding students remain in the program. An average score of 90 or above is mandatory for transition to the next year.

Students who were not initially accepted to the program, but completed their first year with an average grade of 90 or above, may apply for admission to the second year of the program. These requests are considered by the department.

Students must complete at least 150 credits, meeting all the requirements of the regular B.Sc. degree in Life Sciences, plus 15 extra credits of courses unique to the program (such as a one-week intensive laboratory course in the Gulf of Eilat).

The Etgar program offers several tracks (all links are in Hebrew):

  • Etgar single major program + a unit of supplementary studies (4019)
  • Etgar single major program (4020)
  • Etgar dual major program with other programs in the Faculty of Science (4021)
  • Etgar dual major program with Cognition (4026) or Chemistry (566).