Graduate Studies


During their graduate studies (M.Sc & Ph.D) our students participate in the advanced, innovative and groundbreaking scientific research conducted in our institute in the many fields of life sciences.

Graduate studies take place only within the research track, which requires submission of a thesis, and finding a supervisor among the Institute's researchers.

The major part of the graduate studies is carried out under the guidance of the Institute's researchers within the framework of the various research laboratories (see all dissertation topics).
In addition, the students are required to choose courses from the Institute's annual program, in accordance with the subject of their research, the degree towards which they are studying and the requirements of their study track (see all study tracks).

The tuition fees of all M.Sc. students is fully covered by the University.
All research students receive a monthly scholarship (the amount is determined by degree and stage of  studies). In addition, the Institute allows all research students to apply for teaching assistant positions (Hebrew knowledge is mandatory).