Study Programs

Graduate Study Programs

During their graduate studies our students participate in innovative and groundbreaking scientific research in one of the numerous fields of the life sciences, according to their choice.

Graduate studies take place only within the research track, which requires submission of a thesis, and are contingent upon finding an advisor among the Institute's researchers. (See the list of research topics offered by our researchers.)

In addition to performing their research, students are required to take courses from the Institute's annual program, according to the subject of their research, the degree towards which they are studying, and according to the specific requirements of their department. (See the regulations relating to M.Sc.and Ph.D.studies.)

We offer graduate studies in six departments (the following links are in Hebrew):

  • Ecology, Evolution & Behavior (579)
  • Structural & Molecular Biochemistry (577)
  • Cell & Developmental Biology (573)
  • Genetics (575)
  • Brain & Behavior Sciences (576)
  • Plant Sciences (572)