SMART - Student Outstanding Publications

The SMART  Prize is  designed  to  recognize  excellent  research  papers  in  top  journals  published  by  our  undergraduate  and  graduate  students. 
Up  to  four  1,000  NIS  prizes are awarded on a semi‐annual basis.  


The SMART Prize committee members:  
  1. Dr. Oren Kolodny
  2. Dr. Yael Litvak
  3. Dr. Oren Ram
  4. Dr. Nethanel Tzarum
  5. Dr. Yonatan Tzur 

In each round, only committee members who do not supervise students competing for the prize in that round will participate.

Prize guidelines:
  • Eligibility: Any Hebrew University graduate student  registered in the Institute of Life Sciences at the time of publication, and supervised by a faculty member of the Institute of Life Sciences.   
  • The  paper  should  be  either  accepted  or  published  before the  application deadline.  No  papers  “in  revision”  or  “in preparation”  will  be considered.
  • Applicants must be first or co‐first author on the accepted paper. 
  • The papers will be evaluated according to:
      a. Estimated novelty
      b. Creativity and expected impact of the published research 
      c. The journal's  five‐year Impact Factor 
      d. Journal ranking within its field. 
  • Each paper may be submitted once (unless decided otherwise by the SMART Prize committee).
  • Prize winners may submit another paper after a time period of at least 12 months.
  • In the case of papers submitted by students instructed by one of the SMART  Prize  committee  members,  a  substitute  faculty  member  will  be recruited to avoid conflict of interest. 
  • The committee may decide not to award all prizes in a given round.
  • All SMART applicants names and publications will be posted on the institute website (including links to PI webpages) and Facebook page 'ביולוגיה בעברית' .

Please submit the following materials at:

Applicants are requested to submit: 

  • Personal details
  • A PDF file of the article. 
  • A short description of the work  in English and Hebrew for publication in the social media
  • A high-resolution photo or illustration acoompanied by a short explanation for publication in the social media.


The  deadline  for  submission  is  Tuesday, March 15th 2022
Papers  published  from July 1st 2021 until December 31st 2021 may be submitted for this round.