SMART Regulations

The SMART Prize committee members:  
  1. Dr. Oren Kolodny
  2. Dr. Oren Ram
  3. Dr. Nethanel Tzarum
  4. Dr. Yonatan Tzur 
Prize guidelines:
  • Eligibility: Any Hebrew University graduate student  registered in the Institute of Life Sciences at the time of publication, and supervised by a faculty member of the Institute of Life Sciences.   
  • The  paper  should  be  either  accepted  or  published  before the  application deadline.  No  papers  “in  revision”  or  “in preparation”  will  be considered.
  • Applicants must be first or co‐first author on the accepted paper. 
  • The papers will be evaluated according to:
      a. Estimated novelty
      b. Creativity and expected impact of the published research 
      c. The journal's  five‐year Impact Factor 
      d. Journal ranking within its field. 
  • Each paper may be submitted once (unless decided otherwise by the SMART Prize committee).
  • Prize winners may submit another paper after a time period of at least 12 months.
  • In the case of papers submitted by students instructed by one of the SMART  Prize  committee  members,  a  substitute  faculty  member  will  be recruited to avoid conflict of interest. 
  • The committee may decide not to award all prizes in a given round.
  • All SMART applicants names and publications will be posted on the institute website (including links to PI webpages) and Facebook page 'ביולוגיה בעברית' .