General information

We offer a wide range of curriculi to enable each and every one of you to form the most stimulating and appropriate program for you.

The scope of undergraduate studies in the Faculty of Science is 145-150 credits. The various programs differ from each other regarding the scope of studies (required credits) and the relative part of biology in the entire curriculum:

  • The single major program is limited to 145 credits in the field of life sciences only.
  • The joint dual major programs range between 145-150 credits, which are divided between the two departments.
  • The single major program + a unit of supplementary studies is limited to 145 credits, of which 32 are for courses in the supplementary-studies unit.
  • The 32-credit supplementary studies unit in General Biology is intended for students outside the Faculty of Science, who wish to study basic courses in biology. Courses from this track should be chosen in consultation with the advisors of the relevant programs.

Outstanding students can be accepted to the Etgar (Challenge) program in each of the above tracks.