The Electronics Laboratory

Tel: 02-6586422

The Electronics Laboratory provides maintenance and repair services for a wide range of laboratory equipment in the research and teaching laboratories and the core facilities. When necessary, the services are coordinated with equipment manufacturers, external service providers, and the university workshops.
The facility provides technical advice prior to purchasing laboratory equipment or spare parts, and examines repair and installation proposals submitted by the various companies. When possible, the facility offers alternative solutions that are less expensive.
In response to unique research requirements, the facility can also develop and manufacture dedicated equipment in collaboration with researchers.
דוא"ל טלפון פקס משרד
Mr. Guy Aronov Mr. Guy Aronov
Head of Core Facility
02-65-84428 Silberman 2-341
Mr. Mordechai Levy
Core Facility Staff
02-65-84428 Silberman 2-341
Mr. Michael Meretz Mr. Michael Meretz
Core Facility Staff
02-65-84787 Silberman 2-341
Mr. Zvi Sagiv Mr. Zvi Sagiv
Core Facility Staff
02-65-86422 Silberman 2-341
Mr. Dan Tiberman
Core Facility Staff
02-65- Silberman 2-341