Nathan Ran

Prof. Ran Nathan
Movement Ecology
Ecology, Evolution & Behavior

Research Interests

Theoretical and applied population and community ecology, and aspects of movement ecology, in particular. Ecology and evolution of dispersal using an integrated theoretical-empirical approach, spatiotemporal population dynamics, Mechanistic models. Gene flow; frugivory plant-animal interactions, bird migration, ornithology, rarity, macroecology, conservation biology.

Dissertation Topics

  1. Movement ecology: A new transdisciplinary paradigm to study movement of organisms across multiple spatial and temporal scales.
  2. Lifetime tracks of organisms, their underlying mechanisms, their use to assess the species' ecology and biology, and what elements are most critical for fitness.
  3. Ecology, evolution and behavior of various phenomena related to movement – including migration, search, foraging, dispersal, wandering, exploration, navigation and spread of diseases – in birds and fruit bats.
  4. The relationships between sociality and social rank, movement, performance and fitness.
  5. Development of new tracking devices and data analysis tools for movement ecology.
  6. Management of huge datasets in the emerging Big Data era of movement ecology.
  7. Spreading of invasive plants and long-distance dispersal. 
Prof. Ran Nathan


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