Linial Michal

Prof. Michal Linial
Neeuroscience & Computational Biology
Biological Chemistry

Research Interests

The dynamic processes of nerve terminals and the molecular aspects of synapse functioning. Control of exocytosis in regulated secretory systems. Differentiation and neurotransmitter phenotype acquisition in neurons, a study by proteomics and genomics approaches. Bioinformatics. Large scale studies of biological sequences and their global organization. Proteomics. Structural genomics.

Dissertation Topics

  1. Bioinformatics methods for global classification of protein sequences, structure and function inference.
  2. Evolution of viruses and co-evolution of hosts.
  3. Synaptic proteins and translation regulation.
  4. Neurotoxins as cell modulators - computational approach.
  5. Proteomics methods for neuronal cell differentiation.
  6. Machine learning tools for functional prediction. 
  7. MicroRNA as a key for cancer diagnosis.
  8. Fat cells as sensors for cell metabolic homeostasis.
Prof. Michal Linial


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