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Dr. Uri Gat
Developmental Biology, Regeneration and Evolution of the Sea-Anemone Nematostella
Cell & Developmental Biology

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Research Interests

A main subject in the lab is the gene expression changes underlying the process of whole-body regeneration (the remarkable ability of some animals to form their body again after dissection into pieces) in the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis. We are analyzing the molecular genetics at the base of this amazing regenerative ability and compare this process to embryonic development. In our research we have discovered a little-known gene family, which has a role in regeneration but is also notorious for being involved in the metastasis of cells in many aggressive cancers in man.

Dissertation Topics

  1. Molecular mechanisms underlying the high regeneration ability of the sea anemone Nematostella.
  2. A comparison between the processes of embryonic development and regeneration
  3. Cthrc1 genes: function in Nematostella, evolution in animals (metazoans) and protein structure.
  4. The ADAMTS metalloproteases in development and regeneration in sea anemones and other cnidarians 
  5. Inversion of body polarity – two headed Nematostella polyps


Dr. Uri Gat


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