Councelor Roles

1. Advising students on academic subjects, such as:

  • Whether to take a particular course in the second or third year.
  • How to choose suitable undergraduate courses, when plannimg to continue towards advanced degrees.

Students can meet the counselor during reception hours or schedule a special meeting by e-mail.

2. Approval of student requests concerning the above subjects, in accordance with the Faculty's policy.

In order to submit a request to the counselor regarding these matters, please download the application forms, then fill and deliver them to the institute's teaching secretariat (Ms. Keren Daniel) by e-mail.

The counselor's decision can be petitioned by applying to the department's appeals committee.

Approvals for third-time exams ("moed gimel") are given by the faculty and not by the department.

Please note: Without exception, the department does not approve the completion of a degree without fulfillment of the full credits requirement, and without completion of all compulsory courses, as specified in HUJI's course book.