Reinhold Leonora (Nora)

Prof. (Emeritus) Leonora (Nora) Reinhold
2017 - 1919
Transport of Sugars, Amino Acids & Minerals in Plant Cells and Membrane Activities During Adaptation to Salt Stress
Plant & Environmental Sciences

Prof. Leonora Reinhold was born in South Africa. After completing her B.Sc. studies at Oxford University, she joined Cambridge University where she completed her doctoral thesis on biological transport in 1950. Immediately after completing her doctorate, she received an academic subscription at Oxford. In 1959, she joined the Department of Plant Sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and was promoted to full professor in 1971.
Prof. Reinhold is famous for her research on the following subjects:

  • Transport of sugars, amino acids and minerals in plant cells.
  • Membrane activities during plant adaptation to salt stress.
  • Systems that concentrate inorganic carbon in algae and photosynthetic bacteria.

Prof. Reinhold continued to teach and conduct scientific research for about 20 years after her retirement in 1990. She was 98 years old when she died.


Prof. Leonora (Nora) Reinhold
Prof. Leonora (Nora) Reinhold