Prof. Liran Carmel determined the genomic history of the bronze age southern levant

Analysis of the genomic history of the bronze age southern levantgenome-wide DNA was performed using data for 73 individuals from five archaeological sites across the Bronze and Iron Ages Southern Levant. These individuals, who share the “Canaanite” material culture, can be modeled as descending from two sources:

  1. Earlier local Neolithic populations
  2. Populations related to the Chalcolithic Zagros or the Bronze Age Caucasus

The non-local contribution increased over time, as evinced by three outliers who can be modeled as descendants of recent migrants.

We show evidence that different “Canaanite” groups genetically resemble each other more than other populations.

We find that Levant-related modern populations typically have substantial ancestry coming from populations related to the Chalcolithic Zagros and the Bronze Age Southern Levant. These groups also harbor ancestry from sources we cannot fully model with the available data, highlighting the critical role of post-Bronze-Age migrations into the region over the past 3,000 years.


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Prof. Liran Carmel & Dr. Lily Agranat-Tamir