Prof. Amatzia Genin was elected an honorary member of the Association of Zoology

Prof. (Emeritus) Amatzia Genin
honorary member of the Association of Zoology

From the committee's reasons:

During Professor Genin’s twenty-five years of work at the Hebrew University, he has provided ecology training to all life science graduates and supervised dozens of graduate and doctoral students, many of whom are now continuing their careers as leaders in marine research.

Professor Genin has published dozens of studies in the world's leading journals, focusing on the interactions between corals, fish and other marine life, and the physical properties of their environment. In particular, Professor Genin has promoted the understanding of the relationship between these animals and the currents in their environment, and the pursuit of a mechanical understanding of the processes that determine the functioning of animals in the complex marine environment.

Professor Genin is a key figure in the activities to preserve the ecosystems of the coral reef and open sea in the Gulf of Eilat. He established the national monitoring program for the Gulf of Eilat, and leads it to this day. The program's database is a valuable resource in the emerging understanding of the ecosystem in the Gulf of Eilat, and helps maintain the reef and other unique habitats in the Gulf. 

Professor Genin served as the scientific director of the Inter-university Institute of Marine Sciences in Eilat between the years 2018-2012, and during his time the research activity flourished at the institute, which is now considered one of the leading marine research centers in the world.

Professor Genin has been living and conducting his research in Eilat for many years, making a very significant contribution to the development and strengthening of the periphery. Alongside academic teaching, Genin volunteers as a teacher in an advanced course in marine ecology, as part of the Eilat Gifted Program. He is also an active participant in various steering and management committees related to education in the city and nature conservation in its vicinity, thereby contributing greatly to education and culture in the South of Israel. 


Prof. Amatzia Genin