Michal Rabani

Dr. Michal Rabani
RNA Regulation of Early Embryogenesis

Research Interests

How does a fertilized egg develop into a whole animal? This question fascinated scientists and philosophers throughout the ages, but even after decades of research, many questions remain unanswered. We study the molecular regulation of embryonic development in the zebrafish embryos. We focus on regulation on RNA molecules after their production: during RNA splicing, localization, and ‘death’ by degradation. These processes are critical for proper development, but remain less studied.
We use systematic approaches in order to study biological regulation on a global scale. We develop and implement high-throughput assays (e.g., RNA-seq, CRISPR/CAS9 genetic screens, massively parallel reporter assays), and combine them with building computational tools that explains and predicts RNA regulation from these genomic measurements.

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Dissertation Topics

  1. Post-transcriptional gene regulation during embryogenesis: mapping regulation in time and place, and learning its functional and physiological implications.
  2. The regulation of maternally deposited RNAs during the maternal-to-zygotic transition, a key developmental transition in early embryos that is shared in all animals and initiates within transcriptionally silent embryos. 
  3. Principles of post-transcriptional RNA regulation: How does it shape gene expression? What are the molecular circuits that implement them? What is the regulatory code that defines their activity?
Dr. Michal rabani


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