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Prof. Michael (Mickey) London
Neural Coding

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Research Interests

Neural and dendritic computation and coding, Neuronal noise, neural basis of vocal communication, information theory analysis of neural communication.

Dissertation Topics

In my lab we combine experimental methods, theoretical and computational modeling in order to understand dendritic computation and neural coding. We focus on two systems: The somatosensory cortex and neural circuits controlling ultrasonic vocalization in mice. The main methods used in the lab are electrophysiology, two photon imaging and optogenetics.  Potential topics for MSc and PhD: 
  1. Effects of neuromodulation on dendritic computation.
  2. Role of HCN channels and dendritic excitability in mice models of autism.
  3. Sub cortical neural circuits controlling ultrasonic vocalizations in mice 
  4. The role of dendritic computation in working memory
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