Lebendiker Mario

Research Interests

The Protein Purification Facility is a resource of information and assistance available to researches and students as well as biotech and pharmaceutical companies that are interested in protein purification. Our Unit assists researches to overcome the major bottleneck in structure determination by X-Ray crystallography or NMR that is the preparation of suitable crystalline samples.

The Facility offers complete and fully automated liquid chromatography systems (AKTA Explorer and AKTA Avant) designed for method development and research applications that simplifies the transition from laboratory to full-scale production. We have columns and resins for purification according to size, charge, hydrophobicity and substrate affinity. In addition the Facility is equipped with many other essential instruments in protein production and characterization: gel electrophoresis and blotting apparatus; different cell disruption, and ultrafiltration systems. A multi-angle light scattering (MALS) on line with an AKTA Explorer system to allow  measurement of absolute molar mass, size, and shape of macromolecules during size exclusion chromatography (SEC-MALS)

Mainly we provide consultation and active support for researchers, students and people from the biotechnology industry in resolving their protein purification problems, or to use the equipment, methods and materials of the Facility. We are actively involved in many collaborations for structural, biophysical and biochemical studies. Due to the unique equipment and wide experience in the field, the Protein Purification Facility provides comprehensive services in this area, and also functions as a learning station.


Dr. Mario Lebendiker