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Fragment Analysis

The Center bases its work on the following instrument: 96-capillary 3730xl DNA Analyzer


  • GeneMapper® Software can be purchased through the local agent Rhenium (www.rhenium.co.il

  • Peak Scanner™ 2 Software can be free downloaded from here

Dye sets:

The two dye sets for detection and sizing labeled PCR product are available in the Center:

  • DS-30: Size standard ROX-400. PCR product should be <400bp and labeled with 6-FAMTM, HEXTM, NEDTM.

  • DS-33: Size standard LIZ-500. PCR product should be <500bp and labeled with 6-FAMTM, VICTM, NEDTM, PETTM.

Sample submission:

All samples should be submitted with Sample submission form for labeled PCR products

1. PCR is performed by customer

Labeled PCR amplification products are submitted.
PCR products should arrive in a 96-wells plate even if the plate is not full.
The order of the samples in the plate should always be as follows:

Sample 1 is in position A1
Sample 2 is in position B1

Sample 96 is in position H12

Samples should be diluted appropriately before submission.    
Table with names of the samples should be send by E-mail.

2. PCR is performed at the Center

  • DNA samples are submitted. Concentration of DNA >100ng/µl. The samples should arrive in 1.5ml tubes.
  • Primers should be provided by the customer. The concentration of the primers should exceed 10µM and be noted on the tube.