Equipment-protein purification facility

The facility is equipped with five fully automated liquid chromatography systems (AKTA systems) designed for method development and research applications, for large and small scale production and for analytical tests of protein purity as well.
Aמ additional AKTA system ןד combined to a multi angle light scattering (MALS) and a refractometer systems, for mass and shape characterization, protein purity and post translation modification assessment.
In addition, we have gel electrophoresis and blotting equipment, a microfluidizer for cell disruption, ultrafiltration systems (such as AMICON and TFF), and a wide repertoire of columns and resins for protein purification according to size, charge, hydrophobicity, or specific affinity.
The facility is also equipped with Isothermal titration calorimeter (ITC) utilized for quantitative analysis of protein interactions (as well as of other biomolecular interactions including DNA and peptides), which provides calculation of the binding thermodynamic parameters, such as binding affinity (kd), binding energy and stoichiometry.