Employment Opportunities

Life sciences education offers a variety of rewarding career paths you can follow:

  •     Research & development in academia or industry in the fields of biotech, medicine and agriculture.
  •     Quality control, process validation and pharmacovigilance in the biotech and biomed industry.
  •     Bioscience-related jobs in sales, marketing and technical support in the biotech and biomed industry.
  •     Conduction of clinical trials and clinical trial data management in hospitals and in the biomed industry.
  •     Environmental management and conservation.
  •     Forensic intelligence and crime analysis.
  •     Science education
  1.     Formal science education in colleges or secondary schools.
  2.     Informal science education in science museums, zoos, aquariums, parks, and nature centers.
  •     Planning and implementation of public policy in government agencies and private organizations.
  •     Intellectual property and patent registration.
  •     Scientific and technical writing and communication.