Braun Sergei

Prof. (Emeritus) Sergei Braun
2017 - 1941
Biological Chemistry
Professor Sergei Braun was born in Latvia in 1941. He studied chemical engineering, and until the early 1970s managed projects in the chemical industry of the Soviet Union.
After he submitted an application for immigration to Israel, he was dismissed from his job as head of a laboratory and supported his family by hard labor.
Upon his immigration to Israel he studied for his doctorate at the Hebrew University. He was ordained in 1982 and, went on to post-doctoral training at Cornell University (USA) with Prof. Ephraim Raker, one of the greatest biochemists of the generation.
Upon his return to the Hebrew University, Prof. Braun established a biotechnological unit that specialized in applied research and provided solutions for the food industry and the chemical and biotechnological industries. Among the dozens of impressive developments by Sergei we can note the bio-plastic, microbiological systems to produce diamine-oxidase and even the production of poisonous toxins from snakes venoms
Professor Braun was a unique intellectual. He spoke fluently six languages ​​and specialized, along with his impressive scientific work, in Jewish history, poetry and philosophy.


Prof. Sergei Braun