Bioanalyzer Analysis

We have two types of kits:


Quantitative range 25–500 ng/µL

Qualitative range 5–500 ng/µL

Samples per chip-12

Sizing on the 25 – 4000 nt range


Qualitative range 50–5000 pg/µL in water

Samples per chip-11

Sizing on the 25 – 4000 nt range


All other types of run, for example with Small RNA-kit, can be done with kit purchased by customer.


Sample submission

The RNA samples should arrive only after telephone appointment with the Center.

The samples should be in strips or in RNase free 1.5ml tubes. Keep them frozen all the way.

Sample Volume Required - 2 μL.

If you are planning to work with this sample in future, transfer 2 μL for bioanalyzer to the separate tube.

Always include Sample submission form form Bioanalyzer.