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  I. Overview 
I. Overview
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is ranked highest in Israel and is the only Institute of Higher Education in Israel that is listed among the one hundred leading Universities in the world. The Institute of Life Sciences in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem offers advanced studies towards master’s (M.Sc.) and doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees. In the framework of these studies the students join the advanced and innovative scientific research in a variety of life sciences disciplines. The major part of these studies is carried out in research laboratories under the direct supervision of the Institute’s researchers. Therefore, students interested in studying towards an advanced degree should choose a supervisor from among the Institute’s researchers as early as possible during the registration process. In addition, students are required to participate in courses listed in the course catalog, chosen according to the subject of their research, the degree towards which they are studying, and the requirements of the department to which they were accepted.
II. Course programs of the different departments, choosing a supervisor & thesis topic
1. A large selection of course programs is available to our students. The following site presents information on admission requirements, scope of studies and course content, and the composition of the final degree grade in the various course programs.
2. Take a look at the proposed research topics for master’s and doctoral theses. Check the information linked to the name of each researcher.
III. Contact us
For administrative information please contact the appropriate secretariats:
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Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
Structural and Molecular Biochemistry
Cell and Developmental Biology
Brain and Behavior Science
Plant and Environmental Sciences
Genomics and Bioinformatics
Science Teaching
The Inter-University Institute for Marine Sciences in Eilat
Brain Research: Computation and Information processing
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Master’s students secretariat
IV. University guidelines for graduate students
1. Master’s students
·        The Master’s thesis
2. Doctoral students
·        Application & Registration: Pre-Requisites, Candidates from non-Israeli institutesAnnual Registration
·        Towards stage B
V. Research-supporting services
1. Scientific services
  • The Institute of Life Sciences service facilities
        * The Geoinformatics Technology Facility
  • The Ein-Karem campus service facilities
          * Bioinformatics consultation, Dr. Tamar Kahan
2. Safety
           * Examination to be taken after studying the “Laboratory Safety” courseware (Hebrew) (the    disk can be found in  all research laboratories and at the computer farm)
3. Graphic design and printing services
            * Mount Scopus campus (Forum building, 2nd floor), 02-5882828
            * The Edmond J. Safra campus Givat Ram (Sherman building, entrance floor),
4. Computation services

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VI. Additional services
1. Transportation
2. Sport centers

VII. Financial assistance
1. Funding sources in the Hebrew University
2. External funding sources

VIII. Accommodation in Jerusalem
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