The Alexander Silberman Institute of Life Sciences

About 1000 students study in The Alexander Silberman Institute of Life Sciences. 700 BSc, 140 MSc and 150 are Doctoral students. Teaching in the institute is performed by sixty faculty members in close collaboration with teachers from the Institute of Medical Research. Lab courses and tutorials are give by teaching assistants that are nominated from among our best research students.

The three year undergraduate teaching program offers a wide and deep knowledge of a variety of fields in life sciences. During the first year student attend courses in basic sciences and some introductory courses in biology. The first semester of the second year is devoted to the different introductory courses. During the last three semesters the students have a very wide choice of courses in different fields of the life sciences. Studies to advanced degrees are performed in the framework of six specialized programs – Biochemistry, Genetics, ESE (evolution, systematics and ecology), Plant science, Cell biology and Neurobiology. 
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