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Isaiah (Shy) Arkin Biological Chemistry 02-6584329
Research Fields: Computational and experimental structural biology of membrane proteins: use and development of novel experimental and computational approaches to elucidate membrane proteins structure.
Daphne Atlas Biological Chemistry 02-6585406
Research Fields: The mechanism of exocytosis; Neurodegeneration: Development of drugs for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disorders.
Sergei Braun Z'L Biological Chemistry 02-6585412
Research Fields: Enzymology and industrial enzymology: development, preparation and stabilization of industrial enzymes; Industrial microbiology;Adhesion proterties of microorganisms.
Ioav Cabantchik Biological Chemistry 02-6585420
Research Fields: Molecular basis of iron disorders, mapping of iron in cells and tissues, diagnosis and treatment of iron overload and diseases of iron accumulation.
Ami Citri Biological Chemistry
Research Fields: Neuroscience, molecular mechanisms of learning and memory, drug addiction, feeding disorders, experience-dependent plasticity, neural circuit adaptations, synaptic physiology and plasticity, transcriptional regulatory networks, non-coding RNA.
Nathan De-Groot Biological Chemistry 02-6585457
Research Fields: Genomic imprinting. Epigenetic factors in the regulation of gene expression. The level of the expression of imprinted genes and their allelic mode of expression during embryogenesis and carcinogenesis. Imprinted genes as tumor markers. Interaction between normal trophoblast cells and cells derived from choriocarcinoma as a model for the development of tumors in vivo.
David Engelberg Biological Chemistry 02-6584718
Research Fields: Development of constitutively active MAP/stress kinases for studies of the etiology cancer and inflammation. Revealing the mechanism of gene expression under stress in yeast and mammalian cells. Focusing on Gcn4, Hsf1 and Msn2/4. Analysis expression of stress-related genes in oncogenically-transformed cells.
Nir Friedman Biological Chemistry 02-6584720
Research Fields: Systems Biology of Transcription and Chromatin, Transcription regulation, Chromatin modifications, systematic yeast genetics.
Hagai Ginsburg Biological Chemistry 02-6711164
Research Fields: Biochemistry, physiology and biophysics of red blood cell and malarial parasite membranes. Biochemistry and physiology of energy and oxidative metabolism of malarial parasites. Mode of antimalarial action of quinoline containing drugs and the molecular basis of drug resistance. Development of new antimalarial drugs. Mathematical modeling of the chemotherapy of malaria.
Abraham Hochberg Z'L Biological Chemistry 02-6585455
Research Fields: Genomic imprinting. Epigenetic factors in the regulation of gene expression. The level of the expression of imprinted genes and their allelic mode of expression during embryogenesis and carcinogenesis. Imprinted genes as tumor markers. Interaction between normal trophoblast cells and cells derived from choriocarcinoma as a model for the development of tumors in vivo.
Sebastian Kadener Biological Chemistry 02-6585099
Research Fields: miRNAs in the brain: role of miRNA-mediated control in the regulation of circadian behavior and sleep in Drosophila. Role of transcriptional regulation in the control of circadian rhythms.
Nir Kalisman Biological Chemistry
Research Fields: Structural biology of large protein complexes. Mass-spectrometry. Computational structural modeling based on multiple information sources. Protein structure prediction.
Roger Kornberg Biological Chemistry 02-6585883
Richard Kulka Biological Chemistry 02-6585408
Research Fields: Function of ubiquitin in eukaryotic cells: its role in intracellular proteolysis, stress and DNA repair. Protein degradation signals in eukaryotic cells.
Yehuda Lapidot Biological Chemistry 02-6585449
Research Fields: Chemistry of nucleic acids.
Eitan Lerner Biological Chemistry 02-6585457
Research Fields: Proteins: enzymes, the transcription complex, intrinsically disordered proteins Studied properties: structural dynamics, correlated motions, allostery Biological topics/questions: antibiotic resistance, cellular signal transduction Methods: Single-molecule spectroscopy, molecular rulers (FRET, protein-induced fluorescence enhancement), molecular dynamics simulations
Alexander Levitzki Biological Chemistry 02-6585404
Research Fields: Signal transduction, Signal transduction therapy,Cancer Research, Medicinal Chemistry.
Michal Linial Biological Chemistry 02-6585425
Research Fields: The dynamic processes of nerve terminals and the molecular aspects of synapse functioning. Control of exocytosis in regulated secretory systems. Differentiation and neurotransmitter phenotype acquisition in neurons, a study by proteomics and genomics approaches. Bioinformatics. Large scale studies of biological sequences and their global organization. Proteomics. Structural genomics.
Oded Livnah Biological Chemistry 02-6586894
Research Fields: Structural determination of biologically related macromolecules via X-ray crystallographic techniques. Ligand recognition, initial signaling events, and the role of dimer/oligomer orientation in cytokine receptor systems. Structural studies of avidin/streptavidin - biotin high affinity systems. Structural based drug design and optimization. Combinatorial approaches in drug discovery.
Abraham Loyter Biological Chemistry 02-6585422
Research Fields: Translocation of proteins and nucleic acid across the nuclear envelope of animal and plant cells. Entry of viral genome into nuclei of infected cells, isolation and characterization of plant cells cytosolic receptors required for nuclei import, the use of specific synthetic peptides to block nuclear import of proteins and nucleic acids, as a way to inhibit viral infection.
Itzhak Ohad Z"L Biological Chemistry 02-6585423
Research Fields: Stress responses in photosynthesis. Dynamics of the photosynthetic apparatus in terms of its biogenesis, regulation of its activity and mechanism of stress reaction and protection.
Joseph Orly Biological Chemistry 972 2 658 5451
Research Fields: Transcriptional control of genes involved in sex steroid synthesis in the gonads and placenta. Proteolysis and protein quality control during mitochondria organellogenesis in steroidogenic cells.
Etana Padan Biological Chemistry 02-6585094
Research Fields: Molecular membrane biology, structure biology, bioenergetics, biochemistry, biophysics.
Oren Ram Biological Chemistry
Research Fields: Chromatin biology, Epigenomic mechanisms, Cellular differentiation, Cellular heterogeneity, single cell technology
Tommer Ravid Biological Chemistry 02-6584349
Research Fields: Mechanisms of protein quality control and degradation by the ubiquitin-proteasome system; Enzymatic reactions of ubiquitin-chain formation and transfer; Chaperone-mediated misfolded protein degradation and aggregation
Dana Reichmann Biological Chemistry (+972) 2-658-6952
Research Fields: Protein homeostasis and stress response, system biology of redox regulation, intrinsically disordered chaperones, computational and experimental biology,proteomics and mass spectrometry.
Dina Schneidman Biological Chemistry 02-6585423
Research Fields: • Structural models aid in understanding the function of macromolecules, explaining the phenotype of mutations, studying the evolution of protein machineries, designing new proteins and drug molecules that can control or modify function. • We develop and apply computational methods for structural modeling of multi-protein complexes and flexible (multi-state) proteins integrating information from experimental methods (X-ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy, 2D and 3D Electron Microscopy (EM), Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS), Mass Spectrometry (MS), Hydrogen–deuterium exchange (HDX), mutations), bioinformatics (sequence conservation and covariation), physics (force fields), and statistics. • We develop methods for B-cell and T-cell epitope prediction based on modeling of the immune response structures, such as antibody-antigen interactions, antigen processing, MHC presentation and T-cell recognition.
Shimon Schuldiner Biological Chemistry 02-6585992
Research Fields: Biochemistry of Membrane Proteins/ Multidrug Resistance/ Transport Mechanisms
Julia Shifman Biological Chemistry 02-658-4078
Research Fields: Computational and Experimental protein design. Development of computational method for redesign of protein-protein interfaces for altered affinity and binding specificity. the projects include redesign of calmodulin-target interactions, AChE-toxin interactions, Ras-effector interactions, and prion protein interactions.
Hermona Soreq Biological Chemistry 02-6585109
Research Fields: Stress responses. Antisense technology. Acetylcholinesterase biology. Molecular neurobiology. Messenger RNA studies
Wilfred Stein Biological Chemistry
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