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C1™ Single-Cell Auto Prep System
The Fluidigm C1 Single-Cell Auto Prep System based on microfluidic technology and is used to capture and prepare individual cells for genomic applications.
Steps of cells preparation:
  • Single cells capture into 96 individual chambers
  • Direct cell lysis
  • Reverse transcription of RNA
  • cDNA preamplification
The multiplex preamplification products are harvested, and transferred to the BioMark™ HD System for quantitative PCR analysis or to library preparation for next generation sequencing.
Types of C1 System-compatible IFCs (Integrated Fluidic Circuits):
For Preamplification (PreAmp) protocol
for small (5-10 μm), medium (10-17 μm, and large (17-25 μm) single cells,
For mRNA Seq protocol
for medium (10-17 μm) and large (17-25 μm) single cells.
Available applications:
Single-Cell Gene Expression
Single-Cell Targeted Gene Expression
Single-Cell miRNA Profiling
Single-Cell mRNA Sequencing Analysis
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