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BioMark™ HD System
The BioMark HD System consists of a real-time PCR instrument, Dynamic Array™ IFCs for multiplexing samples and reagents, as well as an IFC loader to load the Dynamic Array IFCs.
BioMark™ HD Reader - real-time PCR instrument designed to run Fluidigm Integrated Fluidic Circuits (IFCs) in either real-time or end-point read modes.
IFC Controllersare designed to prime, load, and clean (reusable IFCs only) Dynamic Array™ and Digital Array™ IFCs.
Dynamic Array™ IFCs - have an on-chip network of microfluidic channels, chambers and valves that automatically assemble individual PCR reactions, decreasing the number of pipetting steps required by up to 100 fold. 
The available chip formats are:
·                                 192.24 - 192 samples x 24 assays (single use)
·                                 FR48.48 – 48 samples x 48 assays (reusable, SNP Genotyping use only)
·                                 48.48 – 48 samples x 48 assays (single use)
·                                 96.96 – 96 samples x 96 assays (single use)
The SINGuLAR™ Analysis Toolset 2.0 for visualization and interpretation of single-cell gene expression data. Download Software
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