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Agilent 2200 TapeStation

TapeStation can determine the quantity and quality of DNA (cDNA, dsDNA) and RNA (Total RNA, mRNA, cRNA). It also has the ability to evaluate Next-Gen libraries.


There are a variety of ScreenTapes to choose from depending on the type and size range of your samples.

ScreenTape Assays for DNA
“High Sensitivity D1000”
“Genomic DNA”
Sizing range
35 – 1000 bp
200 bp to > 60000 bp
Concentration range
10 – 1000 pg/μL
10 – 100 ng/μL
5 pg/μL
0.5 ng/μL
Sample Volume Required
2 μL
1 μL
ScreenTape Assays for RNA
“High Sensitivity R6K”
Sizing range
50 – 6000 nt
Concentration range
100 – 10000 pg/μL
2 – 500 ng/μL
100 pg/μL
2 ng/μL
Sample Volume Required
2 μL
1 μL
2200 TapeStation Software can be download from:
All samples should meet the following criteria:
  • Submit samples in a 1.5mL PCR tube.
  • Label tubes with sample name.
  • Samples of RNA should be on dry ice.
  • Provide at least 2.5uL of each sample for High Sensitivity D1K and High Sensitivity R6K run and at least 1.5uL of each sample for Genomic DNA and R6K run.
  • Please dilute your samples if they are out of range.

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