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The iPrep™ Purification Instrument
is the automated solution for nucleic acid purification.
This technology is based on a unique, ionizable nucleic acid–binding ligand whose charge can be switched based on the pH of the surrounding medium. 
The iPrep™ Purification Instrument
Throughput: 1-12 samples (plus one control) in less than 30 minutes or 192 samples per day.
Reagents: prefilled, sealed reagent cartridges that prevent cross-contamination of samples
Isolation: high quality RNA and DNA from different types of samples
Types of Kits
The iPrep™ PureLink™ gDNA Blood Kit
Purification of DNA from 150 - 350 µl fresh or frozen whole-blood samples.
The iPrep™ Pure Link™ Virus Kit
Isolation of viral RNA and DNA as well as bacterial DNA from serum and plasma. 
The iPrep™ PureLink™ Total RNA Kit
Isolation of total RNA from even the smallest sample (10 mg of tissue, 10e6 cultured cells or 1 ml of blood)
The iPrep™ Trizol® Plus RNA Kit
RNA sample preparation from up to 50 mg of tissue, 10e7 cultured cells, 10 ml blood, and plant samples.  It can be used for difficult samples such as fatty tissue.
The iPrep™ ChargeSwitch® gDNA Tissue Kit 
Purification of DNA from a wide range of tissue samples types.
The iPrep ChargeSwitch® Forensic Kit 
Isolation of DNA from all kinds of forensic samples, even if the DNA copy number is low or the DNA is partially degraded.

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