The Alexander Silberman Institute of Life Sciences
The Protein Purification Facility

Facility director: Dr. Mario Lebendiker
Tel: 02-6586920      
The protein purification facility provides support and assistance to researchers and students in the university, as well as to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. We can provide the basis for project initiation and technical training, or perform the work ourselves as a collaboration or a service agreement. Using our facility can reduce the timeframe and cost of such projects. The facility also serves as a training center through our workshops and courses, given in conjunction with the protein expression facility.
We are highly experienced in developing protein purification strategies for both small and large scales, for all types of natural or recombinant proteins, and from all sources. We are adept at overcoming problems of protein aggregation and low yield, and proficient in technical aspects such as protein lyophilization, refolding, and solubility.
The facility is equipped with two fully automated liquid chromatography systems (AKTA Explorer, GE lifesciences) designed for method development and research applications, to simplify the transition from development to full-scale production. In addition, we have gel electrophoresis and blotting equipment, a microfluidizer for cell disruption, ultrafiltration systems (Amicon), and the largest and most versatile repertoire of columns and resins available in Israel, for protein purification according to size, charge, hydrophobicity, or substrate affinity.

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