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Name Department Phone E-Mail
Guy Bloch Evolution, Systematics and Ecology 02-6584320
Research Fields: Sociobiology, socially-mediated plasticity in circadian rhythms, social influences on sleep regulation, honey bee physiology, molecular mechanisms of social behavior, chronobiology (biological rhythms), evolution of insect societies.
Ariel Chipman Evolution, Systematics and Ecology 02-6585816
Research Fields: (1)The evolution of developmental processes. Using comparative embryology as a tool for understanding evolutionary processes (2) Early stages in patterning the arthropod embryo and the evolution of the segmented body plan. (3) Evolution of the arthropod head and the processes differentiating head from trunk. (4) Genomics of novel model systems. (5) Historical biogeography of Israel, using the national invertebrate collection.
Dan Cohen Evolution, Systematics and Ecology 02-6584640
Research Fields: Mathematical models of ecological and evolutionary processes. Evolution of social behavior. Modeling of development, learning and behavior in complex environments.
Avinoam Danin Z'L Evolution, Systematics and Ecology 02-6584319
Research Fields: Flora of Israel. Vegetation of Israel and the neighboring countries. Plant adaptations to desert environments.
Miguel Frada Evolution, Systematics and Ecology 02-6584306
Research Fields: Biological oceanography; Marine phytoplankton ecology and cell biology; Population dynamics; Life cycle strategies. My lab focus on the investigation of the main ecological and cellular differentiation between life cycle phases, understanding the role of each phase and the interplay with other organisms in the oceans as well as on the search for triggers regulating life phase transitions.
Amatzia Genin Evolution, Systematics and Ecology 02-6585991 or: 08-6360124
Research Fields: Biological oceanography and coral-reef ecology. Benthic-pelagic coupling. Predator-prey interactions in the marine environment. Biomechanics and effects of flow on corals, invertebrates and fish.
Dror Hawlena Evolution, Systematics and Ecology +972-(0)2-6585878
Research Fields: Functional ecology of food-web dynamics, especially ecological and evolutionary aspects of predator-prey interactions, stress ecology, inducible defenses, above-below ground interactions, ecological-traps, nutritional ecology, individual syndrome, ecology and evolution of conspicuous anti-predator colors and patterns, herpetology and especially lizard ecology, desert ecology, ecosystem conservation and restoration.
Joseph Heller Evolution, Systematics and Ecology 02-6585713
Research Fields: Diversity (systematics), ecology, evolution, natural history, biogeography and reproductive behavior of recent and fossil terrestrial and aquatic gastropods.
Ronen Kadmon Evolution, Systematics and Ecology 02-6584305
Research Fields: Plant population and community ecology. Plant demography; vegetation dynamics; succession. Landscape ecology, geographical information systems (GIS); conservation.
Yaakov Lorch Evolution, Systematics and Ecology 02-6584310
Research Fields: Paleobotany of Israel and adjacent countries. The Jurassic, Lower Cretaceous, Turonian Neogene and Pleistocene fossil floras of Israel, with emphasis on the Negev. Paleobiology of plants. Fossil algae of Israel. Taxonomy of grasses: Dactyloctenium, Crypsis. History and development of basic concepts in botany.
Yehu Moran Evolution, Systematics and Ecology 02-6585714
Research Fields: The roles of microRNAs in cnidarian development; Evolution of sea anemone (and other strange animal) toxins; Evolution of voltage-gated sodium channels
Uzi Motro Evolution, Systematics and Ecology 02-6585165
Research Fields: Applying and developing probability-based tools and techniques for describing and understanding phenomena and processes which are shaped by natural selection, in particular the evolution of social behavior.
Ran Nathan Evolution, Systematics and Ecology 02-6584314
Research Fields: Theoretical and applied population and community ecology, and aspects of movement ecology, in particular. Ecology and evolution of dispersal using an integrated theoretical-empirical approach, spatiotemporal population dynamics, Mechanistic models. Gene flow; frugivory plant-animal interactions, bird migration, ornithology, rarity, macroecology, conservation biology.
Dov Por Z"L Evolution, Systematics and Ecology 02-6584574
Research Fields: Taxonomy and biology of Copepoda. Hydrobiology: Lake Hula and Lake Kinneret. Marine deepsea benthos. Atlantic rain forest (Brazil). Middle Eastern zoogeography. Progressive evolution of the animal kingdom. Museology. Pantanal wetlands (Brazil).
Uriel Safriel Evolution, Systematics and Ecology 02-6585864
Research Fields: Ecology of global climate changes. Man-environment dryland systems and desertification processes.
Avi Shmida Evolution, Systematics and Ecology 02-6584135 054-8820172
Research Fields: Evolutionary ecology. Desert and Mediterranean ecosystems. Reproductive biology, sex allocation and flower ecology. Pollination market and bee-flower interactions. Application of game theory to ecology.
Yehudah Leopold Werner Evolution, Systematics and Ecology 02-6585874
Research Fields: 1) Reptiles and amphibians of the Middle East with emphasis on Israel: systematics, distribution, basic biology and conservation. 2) Foraging mode of gecko lizards with emphasis on factors affecting its variation. 3) Reproductive biology of gecko lizards and implications of egg size. 4) Vocal communication of gecko lizards. 5) Structure-function relations of the ear of gecko lizards. 6) Structure-function-ecology-evolution relations of the eye of gecko lizards. 7) Structure-function-ecology relations of the tail of gecko lizards.
Daniel Zohary Z'L Evolution, Systematics and Ecology 02-6586102
Research Fields: Variation and evolution in plants. The orgin of cultivated plants. Genetic resources in plants and their conservation.
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