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Genetics : Staff

Name Department Phone E-Mail
Nissim Benvenisty Genetics 02-6586774
Research Fields: Differentiation and genetic manipulation of human embryonic stem cells ; Human genetic disorder and human embryonic stem cells ; Genomic analysis of human development ; Oncogenic properties of stem cells
Michael Brandeis Genetics 02-6585123
Research Fields: The eukaryotic cell cycle and ubiquitin mediated proteolysis Protein aggregation and neurodegeneration. Development of live cell imaging methods.
Liran Carmel Genetics 02-6585103
Research Fields: My lab deals with a host of topics in the general fields of molecular evolution, computational biology, and genetics. Among the topics that are currently actively pursued are: Recent human evolution, evolution of epigenetics, the connection between splicing and human diseases, gene architecture and intron function, nonsense-mediated decay mechanism, and more.
Ariel Darvasi Z'L Genetics 02-6584303
Research Fields: Genetics of complex traits, Genomics, Human Genetics, Mouse Genetics, and Biotechnology.
Raphael Falk Genetics 02-6585182
Research Fields: The history of genetics; meaning of concepts in genetics. Eugenics past and present. Epistemology and the history of genetic concepts.
Adam Friedmann Genetics 02-6585160
Research Fields: Determination of genes predisposing or directly associated with disease.
Michal Goldberg Genetics 02-6586452
Research Fields: The Cellular response to DNA damage * The DNA damage mediators * Cell cycle checkpoints * Cancer * DNA repair * Genome stability
Yosef Gruenbaum Genetics 02-6585995
Research Fields: Lamins and their associated proteins in health and disease The roles of the nuclear lamina in development and aging The role of the nuclear envelope in apoptosis Molecular and genetic analysis of matefin/SUN-1 The sensing and responding to high CO2 levels.
Itamar Harel Genetics 02-6585918
Research Fields: Experimental biology of vertebrate aging and age-related diseases using the short-lived African turquoise killifish; The genetic basis behind the outstanding diversity of lifespan between different animals; Genetic engineering and live imaging of age-related traits in multiple complex organs.
Joseph Hirschberg Genetics 02-6585662
Research Fields: Plant molecular biology; Secondary metabolism; Carotenoid biosynthesis; Plant biotechnology
Bat Sheva Kerem Genetics 02-6585689
Research Fields: 1.The molecular basis of genetic diseases. We focus on Cystic fibrosis research ; 2.The mechanism underlying chromosome structure and function. We focus on chromosomal instability in cancer.
Eran Meshorer Genetics 02-6585161
Research Fields: Live imaging of nuclear dynamics in stem cell differentiation; Chromatin plasticity in embryonic stem (ES) cells and in ES cell differentiation; Chromatin structure in neuronal stem cell and neuronal differentiation; Identification and characterization of stem cell chromatin proteins; Stem cell epigenetics (including the development of antibody microarrays); Signaling pathways and molecular networks in stem cells and cancer.
Malka Nissim-Rafinia Genetics 026585144
Uzi Ritte Z"L Genetics
Amiram Ronen Genetics 02-6585731
Research Fields: Mechanisms of gene mutation. Environmental mutagenesis. Detection of mutations in mammalian cells.
Sagiv Shifman Genetics 02-6585396
Research Fields: Genetics of autism, schizophrenia and variation in gene expression
Giora Simchen Genetics 02-6585106
Research Fields: Molecular genetics in yeast: meiosis, cell cycle, chromosome pairing, segregation and recombination in meiosis. Instability in the human, mouse and yeast genomes. DNA repair.
Moshe Soller Genetics 02-6585104
Research Fields: DNA-level genetic polymorphisms in agricultural species and their use for genetic analysis and breeding improvement of quantitative traits of economic importance. Physiological-genetic analysis of growth rate in chickens.
Ruth Sperling Genetics 02-6585162
Research Fields: Structure and function of the nuclear pre-mRNA processing machine. Pre-mRNA splicing. Pre-mRNA processing. Regulation of gene expression in eukaryotes. Assembly and structural studies of biological systems. Autoantibodies against nuclear RNPs-probes for inflammatory myopathies and RNA processing. Physical biochemistry. Electron microscopy.
Yehuda Tzfati Genetics 02-6584902
Research Fields: The three-dimensional structure, function and regulation of telomeres and telomerase; Human genetic diseases caused by telomere dysfunction.
Yonatan Tzur Genetics +972-2-6585-442
Research Fields: Fertility, cell divisions, germline stem cells, meiosis, DNA breaks repair, genome engineering 1. Development of CRISPR based genome editing methods in nematodes. 2. Genomic control on gene expression to promote oogenesis. 3. Processes that control oocyte aging.
Alon Zaslaver Genetics +972-2-6585-758
Research Fields: As a Systems Biology lab we combine experiments and theory to understand the design principles of biological networks: 1) Computation and functional dynamics in neural circuits with a single neuron resolution. 2) Plasticity in neural networks (Learning and memory, aging, neurodegenerative diseases) 3) Phenotypic variability: from gene expression and neural activity to behavior 4) Evolutionary and functional genomics: Transcription networks and the relationship between gene expression and genome structure.
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