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Alexander Levine
Alexander Levine
Curriculum Vitae:

1. Personal 
Born: 25.04.55 in Vilnius, Lithuania
Citizenship: Israeli, since 1972
Marital status: married + two children
Military service: 1974-1978

2. Education
1981‑1984           B.Sc. Faculty of Agriculture, Dept. of Field Crops, Rehovot, Hebrew
                          University of Jerusalem. 
1986‑1991           Ph. D. Dept. of Cellular Biochemistry, Hadassah Medical School,
                          Thesis title: The Effect of DNA Methylation on Chromatin Structure and Gene
                          Expression in animals.
                          Thesis advisor: Prof.. Aharon Razin.
                          Research area: cancer research, molecular biology
1992-1995           Post-doctoral fellow. Laboratory of Molecular Plant Biology,
                          The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla CA. USA.
                          Supervisor: Prof. C. J. Lamb
                          Research area: Pathogen induced oxidative stress and cell death in plants.
3. Employment
1984-1986           Field crops manager, Kibbutz Adamit
1987-1990           Teaching instructor, Hadassah Medical School.
1994-1995           Head Biology division, PharMore USA Ltd. San Diego, CA
                          Activity profile: designing, testing and supervising activity profiles of anticancer
                          drugs in human cell lines and mice.
1995-1999           Lecturer, Plant Sciences, Inst. of Life Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2000-2005           Senior Lecturer, Plant Sciences, Inst. of Life Sciences, Hebrew University of
2005-                  Assoc. Professor, Plant Sciences, Inst. of Life Sciences, Hebrew University of
6. Professional activities
1997-9               Panel member for the Binational Science Foundation (BSF)
1999-                 Evaluation expert for European Commission in the Fifth and Sixth frameworks,
                         for The Marie Curie Training Fellowships and for The Marie Curie Transfer of
                         Knowledge programmes.
2001-2, 2004-     Panel member for the Israel Science Foundation (ISF)
2002                  Organizer and co-chairman of the First International Conference on Cell Death
                         Across Kingdoms, Conference of Jacques Monod, Roscoff, France.
2004-                 Grant Evaluation committee of the Ministry of Science in the Plant Sciences

Reviewer for the following grant agencies
NSF, United States
USDA, United States
BBSRC (British Biological Sciences Research Council), United Kingdom
Italian Ministry for Education University and Research (MIUR), Italy
GIF, German Israel Foundation
BARD, Israel and United States
BSF, Binational US-Israel
ISF, Israel Science Foundation
Israel Ministry of Agriculture
Reviewer for the following journals
Plant Cell
Current Biology
Plant Journal
Plant Physiology
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
Plant Molecular Biology
FEBS letters
Journal of Experimental Botany
Journal of Biological Chemistry
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA

7. Research funding
2004-2008    Israel Science Foundation “Regulation of stress responses by intracellular vesicle
                   trafficking” Alex Levine    $ 200.000
2004-2005    Applicative grants of the Authority for R&D, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
                  “Development of antioxidant-enriched plant extracts” Alex Levine & Michal Horwitz
                  (Hadassah Medical School)   $ 20,000/40,000
2003-2004    Authority for R&D, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem “Integrated Management Of
                   Broomrape”           $ 24.000
2002-2003    Israel Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, Nofar program “Development of plant
                   resistance to Botrytis cinerea” Alex Levine (in collaboration with Zeraim Gedera LTD)
                   $ 90,000
2002-2004    Israel Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, Magneton program “Modulation of plant
                   responses to stress by manipulation of intracellular vesicle trafficking through ectopic
                   expression of traffic regulating proteins” Alex Levine (in collaboration with Evogene
                   LTD)         $ 185,000
1999-2003    Israel Science Foundation  “Seasonal crash of Peridinium gatunense population:
                   cellular responses to environmental stress” Alex Levine & Aaron Kaplan
                   $ 180,000/285,000
1999-2002    Israel Ministry of Science “Biological-sensors and molecular methods for estimation
                   of water quality: Lake Kinneret model” Alex Levine & Aaron Kaplan
                   NIS 450,000/900,000
1998-2001    European Union 4th Program “Oxidative Attack by Necrotrophic Pathogens” Alex
                   Levine              ECU 190,000
1996-1999    Israel Science Foundation   “Programmed cell death in plants: Isolation of regulatory
                   genes”          $ 138,000
1996-1999    BSF “Programmed Cell Death and Oxidative Stress Signaling Pathways in Plants”
                   Alex Levine     $ 117,000
1997-1998    Israel Ministry of Science “Novel Technology for Drug Discovery” Alex Levine & Jay
                   Fineberg (The Racah Inst. of Physics) NIS 85,000/149,247
1996-1997    Authority for R&D, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem “The Physical Properties of
                   DNA and Chromatin” Alex Levine & Jay Fineberg (The Racah Inst. of Physics)
                   $ 14,000/24,000